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We are an integrated team of promotion and publicity specialists, consisting of many individuals and companies, dedicated to serving those who want to promote themselves to the music industry. Leveraging the power of the internet, we submit our client's songs to insiders with whom we have established relationships at Radio Stations. We submit your material to private in boxes of program directors, station managers and DJ’s at Radio Stations. By using the power of computer technology and the fact that just about every submission resource can be accessed through the internet, we get our client's music submitted in a very cost effective manner. That savings is passed on to you, our client. The resources we submit to, and the inside contacts with whom we have relationships have been established over years of research and relationship building. In addition, we created the technical internet platform to make it a seamless and easy process. Basically, we have spent a long time and a considerable amount of money to make this all work for our clients. We do not seek to own any part or work, we take no commission, and we do not represent you with any of our resources. We simply get your material to our industry contacts, as promised. Any arrangement you make, or contracts you may sign are between you and our resources. We do not represent you in any way. We do not offer legal advice or perform legal or professional services of any kind. You are responsible for protecting your work from unauthorized use as far as copyright, rights administration, or any other protection. You are encouraged to contact experienced, competent, licensed professionals to perform such services before making arrangements or signing paperwork.*

We Work with Undiscovered Talent

Of course we work with established independent music artists. Some professionals have industry exposure but want more. Some want to establish new relationships to get their music in more places in the most cost effective manner. Now, for a limited time, we are working with newcomers, as well. They usually have a regular day job and pursue music part time. And many have the dream of one day getting their work exposed with radio plays. We will get your music submitted to Radio Stations - 100% guaranteed. And because of our website submission platform and the internet, we will do it for a very affordable price. Please Note – If you are sensitive and will feel bad if a program manager or a DJ at a station sends you an e-mail stating that they do not like your material – DO NOT USE OUR SERVICE. We do not control how people will react. This business is tough and you must be tough as well. To succeed you must overcome lots of rejection. Take any criticism as productive, believe in yourself and move on.


You'll be notified by email with a list of where your songs were sent or if you purchased spins you will receive an email weekly (depending on the length of your purchase) with the info of the stations and how many times they played your music per day.

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Who We Are & What Do We Do For You

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